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Winter Getaway in South East Asia: Warmth, Adventure and Luxury Awaits


Winter is known for its frosty air, icy landscapes, and snow-covered cities. While the snow can paint a splendid picture, the cold often motions for a tropical retreat. Now, imagine a contrasting setting: the warmth of the sun, the lush foliage, and a myriad of activities that guarantee not just a getaway, but also an adventure. South East Asia, with its rich blend of cultures, landscapes and experiences, beckons you away from the chill, inviting you to its comforting embrace.

Winter Getaway in South East Asia with resorts world

The Magic of Family Holidays in South East Asia

What's more precious than seeing your loved ones laughing under the tropical sun, building sandcastles, or exploring vibrant markets teeming with life? South East Asia isn't just a destination; it's an all-round life experience. The region promises safety, comfort, and a plethora of family-friendly activities. From traditional dance performances to exotic wildlife encounters, every day brings a new story. And as you chart your journey through this captivating region, it's essential to place Malaysia and Singapore at the top of your list.

Why Malaysia and Singapore are Winter Escape Must-Visits

South East Asia is geographically vast and culturally diverse, but when it comes to a comprehensive experience, Malaysia and Singapore easily stand out. Picture this: On day one, you're in Langkawi, basking in the glow of an enchanting sunset by the beach. Come day two, you begin your journey with a traditional Malaysian breakfast in the buzzing heart of Kuala Lumpur. And as day three dawns, you find yourself amidst the cosmopolitan streets of Singapore, indulging in a delightful lunch. This three-day itinerary showcases the rich contrast and unique charm of South East Asia, offering an experience that's truly unforgettable. These two nations offer a seamless blend of modernity, tradition, urban sophistication, and natural beauty. Temples, markets, futuristic attractions, and historical marvels - your winter escape is filled with endless possibilities.

Crafting the Perfect Itinerary: Linking Langkawi, Awana and Sentosa

The private marina makes island-hopping a seamless pleasure with resorts world langkawi

Your journey to the heart of South East Asia begins with an exceptional experience at Resorts World Langkawi. This isn’t just any island retreat; it's where tropical tranquillity meets modern luxury. Situated diagonally across the protected Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest, Resorts World Langkawi offers a serene environment that promises to whisk you away from the daily hustle.

From the moment you set foot in Resorts World Langkawi, the island's natural wonders envelop you in their charm, offering a prelude to what's to come. Its unique selling point? The private marina makes island-hopping a seamless pleasure. As day turns to night, indulge in a culinary journey at one of the five boardwalk restaurants, sampling both local and continental dishes. And as you ponder a restful retreat after an eventful day, the Premier Sea View room stands ready. More than just an accommodation, it's your family's own slice of paradise in this value-packed island holiday. Resorts World Langkawi isn't just a destination; it's the beginning of an unforgettable South East Asian adventure.

Premier Sea View at Resorts World Langkawi: The Ideal Family Retreat

Premier Sea View at Resorts World Langkawi

Wake up to refreshing views of lush greenery against cerulean waters, creating memories that will be cherished for years. With free WiFi, staying connected or enjoying a movie night is a breeze. The television, equipped with in-house movies and popular channels, promises entertainment for all. A mini fridge and tea and coffee making facilities ensure refreshments are always within reach. Toiletries and a hair dryer cater to daily needs, while the baby cot and extra bed options offer flexibility for families. With a free shuttle to and from Cenang Beach in air-conditioned comfort, every aspect of the Premier Sea View room has been designed with the family in mind, making it the perfect base for your Langkawi adventure.

Family Retreat at Resorts World Awana: Where Nature Meets Comfort

After immersing yourselves in the lively experiences of Resorts World Langkawi, transition to the tranquil embrace of Resorts World Awana to complete your family journey. Merely 35 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, this haven up in the mountains awaits, cradling you within a 130-million-year-old rainforest while offering the modern allure of Genting Highlands Premium Outlets that’s just a stone’s throw away, offering both leisure and retail therapy for the entire family.

Family Retreat at Resorts World Awana

Resorts World Awana sets the stage for diverse family activities. Whether teeing off at the scenic 18-hole golf course, embarking on enlightening rainforest treks, or engaging in bird-watching sessions, every family member finds their niche. As the sun descends, reconvene at AYU Awana, Malaysia’s premier tropical lifestyle restaurant, where culinary delights ensure your highland retreat is flavour-filled.

The Villa - Accommodation at Resorts World Awana is thoughtfully designed with families

Accommodation at Resorts World Awana is thoughtfully designed with families in mind. The Villa, spanning an expansive 950 sq ft, can comfortably house a family of four, with provisions for two adults and two children. The two Queen Murphy beds cater to restful nights after days of exploration. With amenities like satellite TV programmes and in-house movie channels, you can anticipate fun family movie nights. The well-equipped kitchen means breakfasts made together and dinners filled with laughter, solidifying your highland vacation as a family memory to cherish.

Sailing to Resorts World Sentosa: An Island of Endless Excitement

Resorts World Sentosa is An Island of Endless Excitement

Venture forth from Resorts World Awana to the boundless wonders of Resorts World Sentosa. Here, every traveller finds their perfect retreat, whether it's the exquisite Crockfords Villa that accommodates up to five adults and five children with its elegant design and private lounge pool, or the decadent 2-Bedroom Deluxe Suite at Hotel Michael that’s designed for families of up to 8 members with spacious living areas and en-suite bathrooms.

Resorts World Sentosa boasts a lineup of captivating attractions. Step into Universal Studios Singapore, the only Universal Studios theme park in South East Asia, with cinematic adventures, heart-pumping rides, and iconic shows. Dive into the marine wonders at the S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the world's largest, showcasing a diverse range of marine life. The Adventure Cove Waterpark offers excitement with a variety of water rides. At the same time, Dolphin Island provides intimate experiences with graceful Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, from observing their elegant manoeuvres to skimming the waters alongside them.

Adventure Cove Waterpark from resorts world sentosa

For food enthusiasts, the ultimate gastronomic journey awaits. Resorts World Sentosa caters to all tastes, from Western culinary delights to a multitude of Asian delicacies. As the day draws to a close, a selection of bars and lounges offer the ideal spots to relax and reminisce about the day's adventures and happenings.

In a nutshell, Resorts World Sentosa isn't just a destination but a world of experiences, each crafted to leave an indelible mark in your heart and those of your loved ones.


South East Asia beckons with its multiple experiences, perfect for families looking to create lasting memories. With experiences by Resorts World like no other, spanning the serene beaches of Langkawi, the endless excitement of Sentosa, and the tranquil embrace of Awana's rainforests, a comprehensive adventure awaits. Malaysia and Singapore's Resorts World destinations effortlessly merge nature's beauty with modern luxury. So, instead of the usual winter chill, immerse your family in the tropical appeal of these award-winning destinations. An unforgettable family escapade is merely a reservation away.

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