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Unlocking a World of Rewards with Genting Rewards Alliance


In today’s interconnected world, the value of a global rewards program cannot be overstated enough, especially for discerning travellers and frequent visitors to Resorts World’s destinations across the globe. Genting Rewards Alliance (or “GRA” for short) offers an exclusive gateway to a spectrum of rewards, ensuring that every stay, dine, shop or play at any Resorts World destination not only meets world-class standards but also rewards you in extraordinary ways.

Genting Rewards Alliance by Resorts World

What is Genting Rewards Alliance (GRA)?

Genting Rewards Alliance (GRA) is an international rewards program uniquely tailored for members of Genting Rewards. Designed to transcend geographical boundaries, this program connects members with an exceptional array of rewards and experiences infused with an Asian flair. Whether you're enjoying a stay at any of the Resorts World destinations, indulging in a shopping spree, or simply exploring their superb facilities, Genting Rewards Alliance enhances every interaction with valuable rewards.

How Does It Work?

Genting Rewards Alliance by Resorts World - enjoy more benefits with your stay

Joining Genting Rewards Alliance is simple and speedy, and opens up a realm of possibilities. Members earn points whenever they purchase goods or engage with any of the services at Resorts World destinations – be it a splendid night at a renowned hotel, a delightful dinner at a gourmet restaurant, or leisure activities across the globe. These points can be redeemed for a variety of benefits including room upgrades, dining vouchers, exclusive access to events, and a whole lot more. The program’s digital platform makes tracking and redeeming points easy and convenient, ensuring that members can access their benefits wherever they are.

Why Sign Up for Genting Rewards Alliance?

enjoy more with your stay and while you play

Signing up for Genting Rewards Alliance means signing up for a world of irresistible rewards and benefits. Here’s why you should consider becoming a member:

  1. Customised Rewards: Enjoy personalised offers and rewards that speak to your lifestyle and travel preferences.

  2. Global Flexibility: Use your points to redeem any Resorts World destination internationally, giving you the freedom and flexibility in how you choose to enjoy your points.

  3. Real-time Points Tracker: With Genting Rewards Alliance, you have the convenience to check your points balance instantly.

  4. No Cost to Join: There’s no fee to become a member; you just need to start collecting points to begin your journey towards endless rewards.


Genting Rewards Alliance epitomises the essence of global connectivity and luxury. It offers more than just a rewards program – it provides a passport to a world of exclusive experiences and prestigious services. For anyone frequenting Resorts World for business or leisure, joining Genting Rewards Alliance is an essential move to enhance your travels and activities with benefits that are both indulgent and rewarding. As Resorts World continues to expand its footprint globally, being part of this membership means that no matter where you go, your rewards follow, making every journey unforgettable.

Join Now!

Ready to elevate your Resorts World experience? Join Genting Rewards Alliance today and start transforming your stays and plays into a collection of global rewards. Visit Genting Rewards Alliance now at to learn more and sign up.

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