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Resorts World New York City: Ideal for International Business Guests

accommodation for International Business Guests

New York City, a teeming hub of global business and commerce, is often the chosen destination for critical business discussions and international meetings. For secretaries tasked with the crucial responsibility of finding accommodations for overseas guests, the quest for the perfect combination of form and function is of paramount importance. In this context, Resorts World New York City emerges as the premier choice, offering an oasis of comfort and convenience in the heart of this major city, tailor made for the discerning business traveller. Here, every detail is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled experience, combining the essence of opulence with the pragmatism needed for business efficiency.

Accommodations Suited for the Discerning Business Traveller

The Hyatt Regency JFK Airport from resorts world new york

At Resorts World New York City, the accommodation options are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of business travellers. The Hyatt Regency JFK Airport within its premises features 366 rooms and 34 suites, each embodying a fusion of elegance and practicality. These spaces aren’t just accommodations; they’re sophisticated sanctuaries away from the city's hustle, designed with understated panache and spacious layouts, ideal for relaxation or informal business engagements.

The strategic location of Resorts World New York City just a stone’s throw away from JFK Airport marks it as an exceptionally convenient choice for hosting overseas business guests. This proximity to a major transport hub streamlines travel logistics, greatly benefiting hosts and visitors. Further enriching the experience, each room offers floor-to-ceiling windows, showcasing breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. This feature not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also connects guests with the dynamic spirit of the city, blending the tranquillity of their private space with the vibrant energy outside.

Each room and suite is fully equipped to support business travellers' productivity and connectivity needs. High-speed internet and ergonomic workstations in each room ensure seamless work processes, facilitating both efficiency and comfort. This blend of luxurious amenities and practical features makes Resorts World New York City a quintessential choice for both brief business trips and extended stays. By providing such carefully considered accommodations, Resorts World New York City eases the stress typically associated with business travel, offering an oasis of calm and functionality in the heart of a bustling city.

Meeting Rooms and Facilities for Official Business

Resorts World New York City, situated in Queens, offers a premier event space that transforms the concept of business events. Beyond being venues, these spaces are designed as centres for innovation and collaboration, providing an ideal setting for hosting meetings, conventions, or small group discussions. The flexibility of the meeting spaces, combined with the hotel's proximity to JFK Airport, positions it as a superior choice for convenient and impactful business gatherings.

The premises boast state-of-the-art amenities including cutting-edge audiovisual technology and a dedicated on-site coordinator to ensure that every meeting or event runs seamlessly. With options like the Pre-Function Area, Bryant Park Boardroom, and Rockefeller Boardroom, Resorts World New York City also caters to small group meetings. Each of these spaces can be customised to offer an intimate yet professional environment, perfect for fostering dialogue and decision-making.

The convenience and functionality offered by these meeting rooms extend beyond their physical attributes. The location's easy accessibility, combined with bespoke catering services and sophisticated technology, ensures that business hosts can effortlessly welcome and impress their guests. These features not only facilitate the smooth running of meetings but also enhance the overall experience, making Resorts World New York City an exemplary choice for those seeking an efficient, stylish, and conveniently located venue for their business needs.

Sophisticated Dining and Entertainment at RW Prime and Bar 360

RW Prime from resorts world new york city

Upon concluding a business meeting, proceeding to enjoy a meal with business associates at Resorts World New York City is a breeze. RW Prime stands as the epitome of fine dining, offering an impeccable space to dine in style. Known for its exquisite menu and elegant ambience, RW Prime is ideal for those looking to impress clients or indulge in a relaxing meal with colleagues. The restaurant boasts a selection of expertly prepared steaks and a variety of international cuisines, each dish a testament to culinary excellence. The sophisticated decor, coupled with attentive service, ensures that every dining experience here is memorable and reflects the lofty standards of Resorts World New York City.

bar 360 from resorts world new york city

For a more casual yet equally engaging post-meeting or post-dining option, Bar 360 presents a laid back atmosphere with free live entertainment on select nights. From tribute nights that celebrate the music of icons like Elton John and Prince to performances by renowned artists like Jay Sean and George LaMond, Bar 360 offers a dynamic and entertaining environment. Open from 10am to 4am daily, it provides flexibility and convenience for business guests, making it an ideal spot for networking or unwinding after meetings.

Bar 360 also caters to sports enthusiasts with its impressive 28' x 16' HDTV screen, the largest in Queens, providing an unmatched viewing experience for various sporting events. Whether catching up on the day's top sports action or enjoying a night of live entertainment, Bar 360 offers a multifaceted experience that complements the business-oriented offerings of Resorts World New York City. This variety of dining and entertainment options ensures that business guests have no shortage of choices for relaxation and enjoyment, enhancing their overall experience at the resort.

liberty bar from resorts world new york city

Adding to the sophisticated dining and entertainment options at Resorts World New York City, the Liberty Bar presents another delightful choice for business guests. Strategically located in the buzzing Fifth Avenue Casino, Liberty Bar offers a comfortable setting to let loose and enjoy a game or to network with business acquaintances over drinks. With its advantageous positioning, guests at the bar can also catch a glimpse of the live entertainment happening at Bar 360. The bird’s-eye view area provides an immersive experience, adding to the lively atmosphere. Open daily from 10 am to 4 am, Liberty Bar enriches the variety of leisure options available at the resort, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience for Business Travellers at Resorts World New York City

Resorts World New York City extends its luxury experience beyond business meetings, offering many amenities catering to the relaxation and comfort needs of international business guests. The 24-hour fitness centre, equipped with the latest equipment, is a testament to the resort's commitment to wellness and convenience. Business travellers can easily maintain their fitness regimes at any hour, ensuring no disruption to their routine while away from home.

executive suites from resorts world new york city

The accommodations at Resorts World New York City are thoughtfully designed with features that ensure a comfortable and rejuvenating stay. Each room has a 60" flat-screen HDTV, individually controlled heating and air conditioning, and blackout curtains for optimal rest. Other amenities like hair dryer, minifridge, coffee and tea facilities, and an iron with ironing board add layers of convenience, making each room a self-contained haven of comfort for a business stay. In-room safes provide an added layer of security, giving guests peace of mind for their personal belongings.

wifi utility from resorts world new york city

Understanding the importance of connectivity in today's business world, Resorts World New York City offers complimentary WiFi throughout the resort. This service allows business guests to stay connected, whether it's for finishing up work, staying in touch with colleagues, or planning their next journey. The combination of these amenities ensures that business travellers enjoy a stress-free stay and a practical and seamless experience, providing them with the necessary tools and comfort to relax and recharge before their onward travels.


Resorts World New York City redefines business travel, offering a sanctuary of luxury and efficiency in the heart of the city. For secretaries tasked with finding the ideal accommodation for their superiors and clients, this destination promises an experience that goes beyond expectations. Here, every stay is more than just an accommodation; it's an immersion in luxury, comfort, and impeccable service tailored to the modern business traveller's needs.

Resorts World New York City isn’t just a place to stay; it's a journey into the world of luxury, tailored for those who seek excellence in every aspect of their business travel.

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