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Optimise Your Next Corporate Event at Resorts World Awana


Nestled in the lush landscapes of the Genting Highlands, Resorts World Awana presents a refreshing retreat for business event organisers seeking both functionality and tranquillity. Renowned for its strategic location away from the bustling city, this venue offers a peaceful environment equipped with comprehensive facilities tailored specifically for professional gatherings. Whether planning an intimate seminar or a grand corporate gala, Resorts World Awana provides the perfect backdrop to inspire and rejuvenate attendees.

Grand Ballroom: Dewan Wawasan at resorts world awana

Event Spaces Overview

Resorts World Awana boasts an impressive array of 16 function rooms, perfectly designed to accommodate medium-sized training sessions, seminars and talks. Each space offers a flexible layout within a square footage range of 1,680 to 2,841, ensuring options for various group sizes and event specifications. This capability makes Resorts World Awana an ideal venue for company events, business seminars, and private gatherings that require a professional yet adaptable environment.

Surrounded by Nature's Serenity

Surrounded by Nature's Serenity of resorts world awana

Elevate your next corporate gathering by hosting it amidst the tranquil beauty of Genting Highlands. Resorts World Awana, set against the backdrop of lush primitive rainforests and cool highland breezes, provides a refreshing change from the typical urban convention settings. This natural ambience enhances focus and creativity, offering attendees a unique opportunity to connect with nature while engaging in productive sessions. The serene surroundings not only inspire innovative thinking but also promote relaxation, making it a premier choice for those looking to combine business with a touch of leisure.

Grand Ballroom: Dewan Wawasan

For large-sized gatherings such as conferences, exhibitions, annual dinners, or award ceremonies, Dewan Wawasan stands out as the jewel in the crown of Resorts World Awana. This grand ballroom spans an impressive 17,495 square feet, with a minimum usable space of 8,985 square feet, making it versatile for both magnanimous and more intimate events. Equipped with top-tier audiovisual facilities and elegantly designed interiors, the ballroom ensures every event is executed with a mark of distinction and sophistication. Whether planning a high-profile summit or a corporate gala, Dewan Wawasan provides a setting that promises to make any occasion memorable.

Customisable Layouts for Diverse Needs

Grand Ballroom: Dewan Wawasan - resorts world awana - layout suggestion

To accommodate the diverse prerequisites of corporate events, Resorts World Awana provides a variety of function rooms, each capable of being tailored to different event styles and sizes. The versatility of these spaces makes them ideal venues for everything from small-scale incentive parties to large-scale annual dinners. With options ranging from smaller boardroom setups accommodating 21 individuals to larger theatre-style configurations for up to 150 attendees, every room can be customised to ensure optimal functionality and comfort. Additional features such as public announcement system, internet access and complimentary stationery enhance the practicality of these settings, making them some of the best venues for corporate events.

Organisers looking to host team-building events will find the facilities at Resorts World Awana especially appealing. The resort offers layouts conducive to both high-energy activities and laser-focused discussions, supporting a range of team-building events for work. Whether planning a strategic meeting in a U-shape layout to foster open communication or a banquet setup for a celebratory gala dinner, the flexibility of these venues meets various organisational needs. Recognised as a recommended team-building venue, Resorts World Awana combines essential amenities with picturesque surroundings, ensuring every corporate gathering is both productive and memorable.

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience at Resorts World Awana: Superior Deluxe Room Features

At Resorts World Awana, the Superior Deluxe Room serves as the perfect base for business travellers attending corporate events. Spanning approximately 360 square feet, this room type not only offers ample space but is also equipped with a variety of amenities designed to enhance both comfort and convenience. Facilities such as a dedicated dining table suitable for up to four persons, make it an ideal setting for informal catch-ups or post-event debriefings. The inclusion of high-speed WiFi access, a safe box, and an in-house telephone ensures that all communication and security needs are effortlessly met, allowing guests to focus on their event agendas without concern.

The comfort provided by the Superior Deluxe Room extends to its well-thought-out leisure facilities, which are crucial after a long day of meetings or conferences. Guests can relax while watching satellite TV programs or in-house movies, enjoy a refreshing shower, or simply unwind with a cup of coffee made using the in-room facilities. The room’s air-conditioning and comfortable bedding ensure a restorative sleep, recharging guests for the next day's activities. These aspects of the Superior Deluxe Room make it an exemplary choice for accommodation for corporate events, blending relaxation with functionality.

Moreover, the Superior Deluxe Room at Resorts World Awana is designed to cater specifically to the needs of business travellers looking for seamless event accommodations. Its strategic amenities like a mini-fridge and electric water kettle add a layer of personal convenience, allowing guests to store and prepare their own refreshments as needed. These features, coupled with the room’s elegant and practical setup, underscore its suitability not just as a lodging option but as a part of the comprehensive hotel-event packages that prioritise guest experience and convenience. No doubt it stands out as an optimal choice for those seeking not just a room, but a completely supportive environment conducive to both professional engagement and personal relaxation.

Outdoor Relaxation and Team-building at Resorts World Awana

At Resorts World Awana, business visitors can experience a unique blend of leisure and team-building activities designed to complement their corporate events. After a day of meetings or conferences, attendees can unwind and connect more informally through a range of outdoor activities that cater to both individual relaxation and group engagement.

Golfing Above the Clouds

Golfing Above the Clouds at resorts world awana

One of the crown jewels of Resorts World Awana is its 18-hole golf course, positioned 3,100 feet above sea level amidst the Titiwangsa Mountain range. This elevation not only provides a break from the tropical heat but also offers stunning panoramic views of the verdant landscape – perfect for a tranquil yet challenging game of golf. Whether organising a friendly tournament or just a leisurely round, the golf course serves as an excellent way for business professionals to relax and network in a scenic, open-air environment.

Nature Adventures and Team Exploration

For those seeking a more adventurous team-building activity, Genting Nature Adventures offers an immersive rainforest experience. This activity isn’t merely a trek; it's a journey through one of the world's oldest rainforests, where participants can learn about the rich biodiversity of Genting Highlands. Through guided tours, corporate teams can explore the dense flora and fauna, encountering everything from wild Siamangs to equatorial birds and endangered plants. Such activities not only foster a team spirit but also instil a greater appreciation for environmental conservation.

Wellness and Recreational Activities

Back at the resort, teams can engage in more structured physical activities along the Awana Trail. This trail caters to all levels of fitness, offering both a leisure walking path and a more vigorous jogging route, allowing participants to enjoy the serene environment at their own pace. After the trail, the group can rejuvenate at Resorts World Awana's newly renovated gym, equipped with the latest fitness equipment, or relax in the heated outdoor swimming pool located on the lobby floor. Both facilities provide excellent opportunities for guests to unwind while enjoying views of the ancient rainforest.


Choosing Resorts World Awana for your next corporate event means opting for a venue that blends impeccable service with a serene atmosphere, ideal for both work and relaxation. The customisable event spaces, extensive facilities, and engaging activities ensure that every aspect of your business gathering is catered to with the utmost attention to detail. Engage with the dedicated team at Resorts World Awana today to discuss your event needs and begin planning an unforgettable experience for your colleagues and associates.

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