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Luxury Resorts for Families: Finding the Perfect Fit at Resorts World Genting


At Resorts World Genting, your family vacation transcends the ordinary, evolving into a congenial concoction of luxury and memorable experiences. The resort is more than a place to stay — it's an all-inclusive realm that prioritises the well-being of each family member. From state-of-the-art amenities for adults to educational programs for children, every element is thoughtfully curated. Your time here becomes an investment in quality moments, turning each visit into an unforgettable family journey. Come and discover the endless possibilities that await your family at this tranquil, luxurious retreat.

resorts world genting is the best resort for all kind of family trip

Why Resorts World Genting? It’s a Parent's Dream Come True.

Picture a serene, princely oasis that caters to every member of the family, elevating the ordinary to extraordinary. As if touched by a spell, this high-altitude resort merges opulence with family-friendly amenities, ensuring both kids and adults find their own corners of bliss. From child-centric activities to adult-only sanctuaries, the diverse offerings make each visit a harmonious flux of relaxation and adventure. Imagine no more — make your family's dream vacation come alive at Resorts World Genting, where a world of experiences awaits you.

Crockfords: The Pinnacle of Family Indulgence

Step into a paradise of both luxury and contentment at one of our Villas at Resorts World Genting. Here, every detail is attentively designed to wow both parents and children alike. Plush furnishings and modern amenities offer adults an atmosphere of ease and sophistication, spinning each moment into a lasting memory.

hotel crockfords for family trip and vacation - presented by resorts world genting from resorts world global

For kids, the Villa is a wonderland of comfort and fun, making their experience feel like a chapter straight out of a cherished storybook. With conveniences like smart room controls and private steam baths, your stay will be absolutely enjoyable. This sanctuary of interconnected pleasure and relaxation ensures everyone in the family feels like they're on the vacation of their dreams. Immerse yourself in this ideal mingle of soothe and joy, and discover the new height of family vacations, only at the Villas at Resorts World Genting.

Genting Grand: Where Comfort Meets Elegance

This iconic luxury hotel welcomes you into a space where comfort meets the warmth of family. As you step into their Premier Suites, you're entering an experience carefully designed for families. The roomy living and dining areas, enhanced with contemporary decor, craft an inviting environment ideal for meaningful family interactions. Whether you're swapping stories, playing a friendly board game, or getting lost in a movie marathon, the suite's layout amplifies these shared moments.

Thoughtful touches are integrated throughout the space, ensuring that adults and kids alike find a sense of ease and belonging. The Premier Suites at Genting Grand offer more than just accommodation; they offer a collection of treasured memories that make your family trip truly special. Here, your family vacation becomes a series of unforgettable moments, making every stay something to look forward to.

First World Hotel: The World in One Resort

First World Hotel isn't just a place to stay; it's a haven where family memories are woven. Walking into a World Club Room 2, you’ll be greeted with an ambiance that exudes warmth and familiarity, ensuring that every member, from toddlers to grandparents, finds a slice of home. The rooms, with their mix of contemporary design and thoughtful amenities, cater to everyone's needs.

world club room 2 from resorts world genting is the best hotel and resorts option for family trip

Soft, inviting beddings promise restful slumbers after a day filled with exploration, while the functional spaces within the room become playgrounds for little imaginations or corners for quiet reflection. Splashes of colour inspire cheerfulness, and the room layout fosters family bonding, be it through late-night chats or morning snuggles. First World Hotel, in its essence, has managed to create an environment where joy resides, ensuring that every family moment is wrapped in happiness and comfort. In this special corner of Resorts World Genting, every day feels like a heartwarming family reunion.

Genting SkyWorlds Hotel: A Playground for All Ages

Stepping into a Sixers room at Genting SkyWorlds Hotel feels like entering a functionally designed space meant for creating lasting family bonds. With an interior created to comfortably house larger families, the room strikes a delicate balance between space and intimacy. Families will find in the Sixers room an open yet cosy area where they can come together for storytelling, games, and even an impromptu dance-off or sing-along.

skyworlds hotel for family trip - sixers room - presented by resorts world genting

Homey, generously sized beds provide a restful night’s sleep, a true blessing after a day of adventures. Thoughtful touches, such as easily accessible charging ports and ample storage, make it easy for families to settle in and feel right at home. This room is more than just a place to stay; it’s a welcoming backdrop for countless family moments.

quads room is a family themed room for all family trip and this available in resorts world genting

As for the Quads room, it's an idyllic retreat that captures the essence of what a vacation for a family of four should be — fun, relaxing and enriching for both parents and children alike. The Quads room is equipped with sleeping arrangements and furnishings that cater to smaller families but maintains the spacious feel that Genting SkyWorlds Hotel is renowned for. Tailored for modern families, the room features splashes of vibrant colours and playful decor, sparking imagination and creativity among the younger guests. Children can sprawl out on cosy beds, flipping through in-room storybooks, while adults can catch a tranquil moment at the snug sitting areas. It’s not just the tangible aspects, but also the aura of happiness the room exudes, that amplifies the joy and contentment within each family member. In a Quads room, every corner is a potential spot for a new, delightful family memory.

Beyond the Rooms: Amenities and Activities

Family-Friendly Entertainment

arena of stars or genting international showroom offered by resorts world genting - ownded by resorts world global

Imagine a day filled with the thrill of performances at Arena of Stars or Genting International Showroom, where you and your family are captivated by world-class acts, only to return to your room at Resorts World Genting where the magic continues. The room isn't merely a place to rest; it's an extension of your day's experience, meticulously designed to keep the wonder alive. The sophisticated yet cosy ambiance serves as a calm interlude that allows you to discuss your favourite moments from the show, fostering family bonding in an intimate setting. As you tuck your kids into plush bedding, you're enveloped in a tranquillity that only amplifies the memories created just hours before. Here, you're not just a spectator of performances; you're part of an experience that transcends the stage and takes residence in the most intimate corners of your life. With Resorts World Genting, the extraordinary is not confined to a venue — it's woven into the very fabric of your stay, making your family vacation hard to forget.

A Holiday that Educates

jurassic research centre is now open at resorts world genting - owned by resorts world global

At Resorts World Genting, even the rooms become an extension of your children’s educational journey. Imagine your children's excitement as they step into a room subtly themed to match the enchanting experiences of Jurassic Research Centre and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. The room’s decor can include illustrations or small replicas of the fascinating dinosaurs they’ve seen, sparking their imagination even more. In a nod to the "Unearthed Fossils," perhaps a faux fossil dig kit is laid out on the coffee table for kids to explore.

As for parents intrigued by the mysteries showcased in Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the room could feature an 'Odditorium Corner' with miniature interactive displays that captivate the mind. Maybe even a 'Luckiest Room' mini-section, adorned with replicas of the world's luckiest collection of charms and fortunes. These room elements not only keep the curiosity alive but also make the family trip immensely pleasurable and enriching, offering another layer to the idea of leisure.

Your room becomes more than just a space to rest; it's a continuation of your day's adventures, an educational sanctuary that keeps the magic of learning alive. So, every moment spent inside is as meaningful and joyous as the time spent exploring the resort's incredible offerings.


Choosing Resorts World Genting for your family vacation is like unlocking a treasure trove of both stimulating and relaxing experiences. Picture themed rooms that bring your day's adventures indoors: whether it's the mystique of the Jurassic Research Centre or the intrigue of Ripley's Believe It or Not, these unique settings make each stay more than just comfortable — it becomes an extension of your day's exploration and excitement.

Every amenity at Resorts World Genting is designed to uplift your family holiday. From a multitude of kids' fun activities and educational programs to unique themed rooms that bring your day's adventures indoors, your stay is more than just a break — it's a refining experience for every family member. So go ahead, make Resorts World Genting your next destination and craft an unforgettable, multifaceted family journey.

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