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Enjoy the Ultimate Family Summer Break at Resorts World Birmingham


Resorts World Birmingham emerges as a premier destination for family entertainment and relaxation, offering an array of activities and amenities tailored to provide an unforgettable summer holiday experience. As families look forward to the long-awaited summer break, Resorts World Birmingham stands ready to welcome them with open arms. Nestled in the heart of West Midlands in the UK, this versatile resort combines the thrill of myriad amusements, the comfort of luxurious accommodations, and the diversity of dining options, making it a perfect getaway for families seeking both entertainment and relaxation during the summer months.

Enjoy the Ultimate Family Summer Break at Resorts World Birmingham

Accommodation Planning: A Suite for Every Family at Genting Hotel

At Genting Hotel, the accommodation options are thoughtfully designed to cater precisely to the needs of diverse family dynamics, ensuring every family finds their perfect match for a delightful stay. For families consisting of three adults or teenagers, the Deluxe Double Room is an exemplary choice. Imagine settling into a space where comfort meets convenience: two plush double beds offer ample room for everyone to relax without feeling cramped. The availability of an adjoining double room not only expands the living space but also enhances privacy, making it ideal for families needing additional room.

What sets the Deluxe Double Room apart are the amenities that transform a simple stay into a luxurious retreat. Each room comes equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine and tea making facilities, allowing family members to start their day with a fresh, invigorating brew without leaving the comfort of their room. The included luxury toiletries, bathrobes, and slippers add a touch of spa-like indulgence to your daily routine, making every moment of the stay feel special.

Furthermore, the convenience of a mini-fridge stocked with complimentary refreshments and a secure safe for valuables offers peace of mind and added comfort. Families can also enjoy complimentary 90-minute access to the Santai Spa & Leisure Club daily, providing a perfect opportunity to unwind and relax together after a day of activities.

For smaller units such as couples with young children, the charm of these rooms lies in their ability to provide a cosy yet luxurious setting that caters to both adult and child needs seamlessly. The serene environment, combined with child-friendly amenities and quick access to family-oriented activities within the hotel, ensures that every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, experiences the pinnacle of comfort and enjoyment during their stay at Genting Hotel. This thoughtful accommodation strategy ensures that no matter the size of your family, your stay at Genting Hotel at Resorts World Birmingham is nothing short of spectacular, aligning perfectly with your summer holiday expectations.

Meal Planning for Family Trips at Resorts World Birmingham: A Dining Experience Tailored for Every Family

Embarking on a summer holiday at Resorts World Birmingham offers more than just a break; it promises a culinary adventure that delights all senses and caters to every age. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant destination, the array of dining options seamlessly blends global cuisine with local favourites, ensuring that each meal isn’t just eaten, but experienced. Whether you're indulging in a pre-show dinner or seeking a quick snack, the diverse restaurants and eateries at Resorts World Birmingham provide the perfect backdrop for family meals, offering both convenience and a splash of culinary creativity that enhances your summer family time.

Diverse Dining Destinations

Imagine starting your family day out with breakfast at Costa Coffee, where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and a variety of pastries and snacks. As lunchtime rolls around, Five Guys and Nando’s offer a casual yet satisfying meal with its customisable burgers and famous fries, perfect for energising your group for the afternoon's adventures. For dinner, families can indulge in a gourmet experience at Miller & Carter, where the scent of grilled steaks fills the air, or explore the Indochine flavours at Vietnamese Street Kitchen, offering everything from bao buns to pho, making every meal an exploration of taste.

Evening Delights and Sweet Treats

As the evening unfolds, you can treat your family to a diverse array of dining experiences. Consider Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a delightful meal where burgers come loaded with unique flavours and bespoke sauces, or immerse in the vibrant Latin American ambience at Las Iguanas, which serves up a feast of authentic dishes straight from the heart of South America. For dessert, the family can head over to Miss Macaroon, where a wide range of luxurious, hand-made French macaroons await, offering both classic and creative flavours that are perfect for a sweet ending to your day. Each venue is thoughtfully placed to provide a comfortable and exciting dining experience that complements a fun-filled family day out.

Dine in Convenience and Comfort

Throughout your stay, the convenience of booking a table during busy times, like Arena nights, ensures you won't miss a second of your planned activities. The option to reserve tables at family-friendly spots like Karaage and Sky Bar & Restaurant means that every meal is seamlessly integrated into your itinerary, allowing more time for enjoying the entertainment and attractions that Resorts World Birmingham has to offer. For families visiting during peak times, the availability of wristbands for children adds an extra layer of safety and peace of mind, making Resorts World Birmingham not only a feast for the senses but also a secure and stress-free dining destination for families.

Unforgettable Family Activities at Resorts World Birmingham

A Blend of Fitness and Fun for All Ages

Resorts World Birmingham transforms family holidays into a haven of activity and wellness with options like Studio 36 and Freddie’s Play Pad. Studio 36 offers a variety of fitness and relaxation classes, including adult yoga and kids fitness sessions, ensuring that every family member has the opportunity to engage in enjoyable physical activities. Located conveniently on the ground floor opposite Hollywood Bowl, it’s easy to incorporate a session into your day. For the little ones, Freddie’s Play Pad presents an interactive soft play experience, where babies, toddlers and preschool children can enjoy a stimulating environment designed specifically for them with multiple sessions throughout the week.

Exhilarating Arcade and Virtual Reality Experiences

Just a few steps away, Vortex Gaming elevates the family entertainment experience with its mix of virtual reality and classic arcade games. This all-ages gaming hub is perfect for families looking to share thrilling gaming experiences without the need for prior bookings. The centre also caters to your snack needs, offering a variety of quick bites and meal deals to re-energise as you jump from one game to another. Its convenient location and cashless service streamline the fun, making it an ideal spot for spontaneous family entertainment.

Bowling and More at Hollywood Bowl

hollywood bowl at resorts world birmingham

Continuing the fun, Hollywood Bowl provides a classic American bowling experience with modern twists perfect for family competitions. With as many as 17 state-of-the-art lanes including luxurious VIP options, families can enjoy not just bowling but also other activities such as pool and arcade games within the same venue. It’s a great place to bond, compete, and create lasting memories. Hollywood Bowl also offers a variety of dining options to refuel and relax after a game, making it a comprehensive entertainment choice for families visiting Resorts World Birmingham.

Adventure and Teamwork at Escape Hunt

To cap off the adventure, Escape Hunt offers a range of escape room experiences that challenge both the mind and team dynamics. Located within the same complex, these escape rooms are perfect for families with older children, providing a thrilling adventure that requires teamwork and problem-solving. Whether you're solving mysteries in virtual reality or navigating through intricately designed puzzles, Escape Hunt delivers an exciting way to enhance family bonds through shared challenges and successes. This engaging activity ensures that your family’s visit to Resorts World Birmingham isn’t just fun, but also filled with enriching experiences that strengthen family ties.

Cinematic Delights for Every Family Member

Cineworld within Resorts World Birmingham

Building on the thrilling adventures found at Escape Hunt, the cinematic experience at Cineworld within Resorts World Birmingham offers another perfect venue for family enjoyment. Equipped with the latest technology, including the breathtaking IMAX, Cineworld elevates your movie-watching experience, making it more than just a routine outing. It's an event, complete with state-of-the-art visuals and audios, which truly immerse you and your family in the stories unfolding on the big screen. The cinema offers a variety of films suitable for all ages, from blockbuster hits to family-friendly animations, ensuring that everyone finds something to enjoy.

Moreover, Cineworld at Resorts World goes beyond traditional cinema offerings. With special provisions like autism-friendly screenings on the first Sunday of each month, and Cinebabies showings for parents with infants, the cinema makes sure every family member is catered to, creating an inclusive environment. These screenings feature adjusted sound and lighting to provide a comfortable setting for all viewers, especially benefiting those with sensory sensitivities. Additionally, the cinema's commitment to accessibility with its access boxes and private facilities underscores its dedication to providing a star treatment for all guests, regardless of their needs. This attention to detail ensures that your family’s visit to Cineworld isn’t only entertaining but also comfortable, making it a key part of your summer adventure at Resorts World Birmingham.

Conclusion: A Summer to Remember at Resorts World Birmingham

As the summer school break approaches, choosing Resorts World Birmingham for your family trip ensures a holiday packed with entertainment and relaxation. With its vast array of recreational activities, dining options, and cinematic experiences, this destination caters to every family's needs, making it an ideal choice for spending quality time together. Whether it's engaging in interactive play at Freddie's Play Pad, testing your puzzle-solving skills at Escape Hunt, or unwinding with the latest blockbuster in IMAX, Resorts World Birmingham offers endless opportunities to create cherished memories. Don't miss out on the chance to make this summer break unforgettable – plan your visit to Resorts World Birmingham, where every moment spent with family is a celebration of fun and togetherness.

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