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Business Travel Made Easy: The Top Meeting Facilities for Your Next Conference

hold you conference event at luxury resorts - presented by resorts world global

Business travel to organise or attend a conference can be stressful.

Long hours on the flight, much time spent in airports, and the difficulty of finding a place to stay can make it challenging to stay productive and focused. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your business travel experience abundantly easier by selecting the right convention facilities.

The Lily Ballroom and Rose Ballroom at Resorts World Las Vegas provide distinctive settings with unobstructed floor-to-ceiling views of the Strip, and a terrace and rooftop experience for special events. On the other coast of the U.S., the flexible meeting space at Resorts World New York City makes it one of the most convenient meeting locations near JFK Airport. To ensure that meetings and events run smoothly, the venue features an on-site coordinator and cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Over on the Asian continent, Resorts World Genting has 18 meeting rooms that can be combined to accommodate guests’ required space, with customisable technical equipment setup.

In this article, you’ll look at some of the world's best meeting venues. We'll go through what makes them ideal for business travellers and give you some pointers on how to choose the best facility to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of hosting a conference at a luxury resort?

A conference at a luxury resort provides various advantages including top-notch facilities, accommodations and amenities. Luxury resorts boast a variety of conference-specific facilities such as scalable meeting rooms, modern technology and high-speed internet. These features are usually accompanied by lavish accommodations such as comfortable guest rooms, exquisite bars and restaurants, and soul-soothing spas. Golf courses, swimming pools and fitness centres are among the attractions available at many luxury resorts that can enhance your convention and meeting experiences. Furthermore, holding a conference at a luxury resort can contribute to a more relaxed and sociable environment, which can lead to higher productivity and creativity among attendees.

meeting room or conference space from Resort world las vegas - owned by resorts world global

Resorts World Las Vegas features an innovative conference centre with over 250,000 square feet of flexible event space, including more than 50 meeting rooms, six ballrooms and a 5,000-seat theatre. The meeting rooms offer state-of-the-art audiovisual and networking technologies, and the ballrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows with full view of the Strip.

ambient space for any conference or meeting event needs - from resorts world las vegas - owned by resorts world global

In addition, the meeting centre provides personalised content production and a limitless menu selection. The rooftop patio offers a unique ambience for banquets and parties. The conference centre is right next to the Las Vegas Convention Centre Expansion and features digital screens that cover the walls and columns.

What are some of the best meeting facilities at luxury resorts?

When it comes to conducting a successful meeting or conference, a few important aspects must be considered. These include the quality of the meeting space, the amenities and services provided, and the overall experience delivered to participants. There are a number of premium resorts with excellent meeting facilities. These resorts have the latest technology, ample meeting spaces and elegantly furnished accommodations. The St. Regis Aspen Resort and The Peninsula Beverly Hills are among the top luxury resorts with the best conference offering. These resorts include flexible event spaces such as ballrooms and modular conference rooms, and can accommodate tens of thousands of people. In addition, they provide excellent dining options, golf courses and other facilities for attendees to enjoy.

resorts world genting - luxury space for any conference and meeting event - owned by resorts world global

Resorts World Genting has an impressive collection of 18 flexible convention spaces that can be creatively integrated to meet specific needs. We offer bespoke technical equipment installations as a commitment to quality, assuring flawless integration with your event requirements. Our meeting rooms are outfitted with innovative audiovisual technology including high-end projectors, screens and sound systems, ensuring crystal-clear and precise projection for presentations and media display.

The meeting rooms, which are distinguished by their adaptability, can be easily morphed to suit events of varying proportions, from intimate meetings to large-scale conferences of the utmost importance. Our dedicated on-site coordinators are ready to provide their expertise to ensure seamless execution of your event. Our facilities have been meticulously built to give participants a comfortable environment.

How do you plan a conference at a luxury resort?

Here are some pointers for organising an effective conference or exhibition at a luxury resort. Firstly, select a luxury resort with customisable meeting spaces and innovative audiovisual technology. This will ensure that your attendees have a pleasant and productive time. For instance, Resorts World New York City has seven types of meeting rooms for you to choose from to cater to a small or large audience. You can also customise the usage of each meeting room.

interior environment from resorts world new york city - perfect space for event or conference

Secondly, think about booking room blocks for your attendees. This will make booking accommodations easier and ensure that everyone stays in the same area for their convenience. Look for food choices that meet the dietary needs of your participants. Many luxury resorts have personalised menus that can be catered to your specific event.

a conference space complemented with memorable dinning space - presented by resorts world new york

Lastly, consider offering unique attractions or activities to your attendees during their downtime. This will make the entire event more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Plan and book ahead of time to obtain the best rates and availability. Many luxury resorts are in high demand for conferences and exhibitions, so reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Follow these tips to plan a meaningful and successful convention in a luxury resort that’ll leave a lasting impression on your participants.

Luxury resorts offer top-notch facilities, accommodations and amenities for conferences

Our meeting spaces at Resorts World epitomise versatility and creativity, providing a unique setting for many a corporate event. We seek to create an environment that stimulates productivity and inspiration via rigorous attention to detail and an uncompromising dedication to client satisfaction.


At Resorts World, grab the opportunity to take your events to new heights. Our exceptional locations, combined with top-of-the-line technology and dedicated support teams assure that your event will be remembered. Welcome to a world where expertise and sophistication coexist, and where flawless execution meets unrivalled service. It’s our pleasure to offer you an amazing experience for your corporate exhibitions and conferences.

Choose none other than Resorts World for all your meeting needs.

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