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A Week to Remember: Your Seven-Day Guide to Resorts World Las Vegas

Welcome to an enthralling week of sheer indulgence at Resorts World Las Vegas. Unearth a treasure trove of experiences that go beyond the neon lights and casinos the city is famed for. From sumptuous dining and extravagant retail escapades to rejuvenating spa treatments and top-notch entertainment, Resorts World Las Vegas is a self-contained wonderland that promises an unforgettable seven-day sojourn. Your week-long adventure starts here.

resorts world las vegas entrance

Day 1: Setting Foot in a Haven of Luxury and Exploration

As you arrive at Resorts World Las Vegas, prepare for a lavish experience starting right at check-in. With three distinguished hotels to choose from, every option promises unparalleled comfort. Whether it's the elegant charm of Las Vegas Hilton, the ultra-stylish ambience of Conrad Las Vegas, or the epitome of luxury at Crockfords Las Vegas, you're in for a treat. The Conrad, for instance, offers you tech conveniences and artful interiors, a private reception lobby, and a dedicated VIP check-in. You'll already begin to feel the exceptional service that Resorts World Las Vegas is renowned for as you breeze through digital keys and personalised services.

Crockfords Las Vegas lobby - resorts world

Once you are comfortably settled in your chosen abode, an introductory stroll through the sprawling premises that make up Resorts World Las Vegas is the perfect next step. It's not just any resort – it's a small city teeming with culinary, retail and entertainment possibilities! With 66 floors of unique experiences spread across multiple hotel experiences, the layout is designed to cater to every whim and fancy you may harbour. What better way to familiarise yourself with the intricacies of the resort than a leisurely walk? From the intricate architectural details to the welcoming communal spaces, every corner of Resorts World Las Vegas beckons you to discover more.

Day 2: Savour the Flavours at Resorts World Las Vegas

claypot rice from Geyland Claypot - resorts world

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at Resorts World Las Vegas, where options are as diverse as they are delicious. For fans of traditional Southeast Asian fare, Geylang Claypot Rice offers slowly cooked rice dishes in customary clay pots, a treat that has earned the eatery a Michelin Plate. Those in the mood for an American classic can head to Burger Barn, right next to Googgle Man's Char Kuey Teow, to indulge in a range of juicy burgers. Blood Bros, a Houston hotspot, serves up quintessential Texas barbecue with a unique Asian twist, while Ah Chun Shandong Dumpling offers freshly made Shandong dumplings that have gained Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition.

kusa nori - resorts world las vegas

As lunchtime approaches, the gastronomic journey continues at Resorts World Las Vegas. Whether you’re craving authentic sushi and teppanyaki at Kusa Nori, sampling star-approved lechon staples at Pepita's Kitchen, or diving into hot and spicy fried chicken at Streetbird, there's definitely something for everyone. As evening approaches, elevate your dining experience with dinner at RedTail, an integrated restaurant and social lounge boasting live entertainment and a range of interactive games. For egg lovers, Sun's Out Buns Out offers a playful take on comfort food, focusing on egg-based dishes all day. Finally, after a satisfying dinner, choose from exquisite supper spots like Allē Lounge on 66, Eight Cigar Lounge, or Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den for a luxurious and relaxing end to your second day at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Day 3: Indulge in Retail Therapy at Resorts World Las Vegas

Embark on a shopping spree like no other at The District at Resorts World Las Vegas, where over 70,000 square feet of retail space offers a curated collection of boutiques designed to meet your every shopping need. Here, present trends meet future fashion, offering something for every occasion, must-have items or last-minute gifts. The District is not just a shopping venue; it's a lifestyle destination.

the district shopping mall interior view - resorts world las vegas

For fashion enthusiasts, a visit to Hervé Léger is a must. Founded by French designer Hervé Peugnet, this iconic fashion house pioneered the famed bodycon look in the 1980s. Revel in effortless styles and modern designs that wrap you in elegance. If you’re in the mood to spice things up, make your way to Pepper. Offering a unique shopping experience overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, Pepper specialises in luxury sexual wellness products, including candles, books and lingerie. For those who adore Italian craftsmanship, O bag lets you customise handbags and accessories to match any outfit or personality. Lastly, don't forget to stop by the RW Store, the one-stop shop for on-the-go guests at Resorts World Las Vegas. Whether you're looking for snacks, refreshments or resort-branded apparel, gifts and souvenirs, RW Store has you covered across its six convenient sundries locations. After a day of indulging in retail therapy at Resorts World Las Vegas, you'll leave with not just shopping bags but memories of a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Day 4: Pamper Yourself at Awana Spa in Resorts World Las Vegas

Give yourself the gift of wellness and rejuvenation at Awana Spa, a groundbreaking wellness sanctuary at Resorts World Las Vegas that takes self-care to new heights. Designed with exquisite attention to detail, the spa embodies principles of the golden ratio, featuring circular rooms and curved walls that promote a transformative, holistic experience. Awana Spa offers an immersive experience borrowed from European and Eastern rituals, making every treatment a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

awana spa from resorts world las vegas

Among the invigorating treatments, the Illuminating Vitamin C Facial is a must-try. Utilising ingredients sourced from Thermal Healing waters in Budapest, this premium treatment revitalises dull skin and repairs damage using antioxidant-rich Vitamin C. If your body craves hydration and nourishment, indulge in the Moroccanoil Hydration Ritual. A full-body sensory journey, this treatment begins with a signature exfoliating massage, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed. The spa also offers a Sauna-Meister-led journey, where trained experts enhance your sauna experience by directing hot and scented steam towards you through rhythmic towel movements.

miss bahave beauty salon in resorts world las vegas

For those who want to continue the pampering experience, pay a visit to Miss Behave Beauty Salon. Sip a glass of champagne or a specialty cocktail from the full-service bar while enjoying a range of beauty services – from hair and nails to lashes and makeup. For the ultimate convenience, Miss Behave provides in-room and mobile services, bringing the salon's expertise right to your door.

Your Day 4 at Resorts World Las Vegas will leave you glowing, revitalised, and ready for more of what this exceptional destination has to offer.

Day 5: Dive into the Thrilling Entertainment Scene at Resorts World Las Vegas

resorts world theatre - the biggest performance stage in las vegas - resorts world las vegas

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of entertainment that Resorts World Las Vegas offers. Start your evening at the Resorts World Theatre, designed to be the epitome of technology and sophistication for live shows. Created by the award-winning design firm, Scéno Plus, this 5,000-seat venue is a masterpiece, boasting the city's largest and tallest performance stage. And with the furthest seat just 150 feet from the stage, you're guaranteed an intimate experience complemented by unparalleled comfort, unobstructed sightlines, and an immersive audio experience that brings every show to life.

ayu dayclub in resorts world las vegas

During the day, elevate your relaxation with a splash of excitement at Ayu Dayclub, the ultimate tropical oasis in the heart of the desert. Nestled within Resorts World Las Vegas, Ayu Dayclub is designed to redefine daylife entertainment. Whether it's the crystal-clear pool, the lush palm trees, or the avant-garde technology that caught your eye, Ayu Dayclub ensures that your daytime experience is as thrilling as your nights.

zuok nightclub with amazing lighting system for music party  - resorts world las vegas

As the sun sets, make your way to Zouk Nightclub for an electrifying end to your day. This nightlife hotspot is all about luxury, from its state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to its multiple bars and luxe VIP booths. Dance the night away to beats spun by world-renowned DJs, and be entranced by the performances of stunning dancers. At Zouk Nightclub in Resorts World Las Vegas, every moment is primed to be unforgettable.

With venues offering world-class performances and clubs redefining nightlife, Day 5 at Resorts World Las Vegas will be an entertainment spectacle you won't forget.

Day 6: Get Active and Embrace Fitness Amenities

Suppose you're someone who loves to stay active even while on vacation, Day 6 at Resorts World Las Vegas will certainly not disappoint. Start your day off with an energising workout at the state-of-the-art Resorts World Las Vegas Fitness Center. Open from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily, this fitness facility is fully equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to help you maintain your fitness routine. The gym has you covered, whether it’s cardio, strength training, or a mix of both. After an intense workout, you can cool down and recover at the Stretch & Recovery Zone Powered by Therabody, ensuring you're well-prepared for another exciting day at the resort.

infinity spa - Athena Infinity Ultra Pool -  resorts world las vegas

If you prefer outdoor exercise, the resort's swimming pools provide an excellent setting. The Athena Infinity Ultra Pool is an adult-only area where you can swim uninterrupted, ideal for those looking for a more focused swimming session or a relaxing dip. Alternatively, the Main Resort Pool consists of three separate bodies of water, offering a variety of depths and spaces to cater to your swimming preferences.

cabana pool in resorts world las vegas

If you’re staying at Crockfords and fancy a more secluded experience, head to the Cabana Pool, which features 13 private cabanas and deck chairs exclusively for Crockfords guests. This pool is perfect for dedicated swimmers who want to complete laps without interruption.

From cutting-edge gym facilities to a range of swimming venues, Day 6 at Resorts World Las Vegas offers plenty of ways to stay active and maintain your fitness regimen.

Day 7: Last-Minute Wonders and Smooth Departure

Your final day at Resorts World Las Vegas is a blend of saying goodbye and seizing the last moments to their fullest. Here’s how you can make the most of your final day:

room service for breakfast in resorts world las vegas

Morning Routine

Begin your final day by indulging in the ultimate convenience: brunch in bed, courtesy of the resort's reimagined room service powered by GrubHub. You're not limited to just a standard room service menu; you can order items from any of the restaurants and retail outlets within the resort, be it comforting chicken rice from Boon Tong Kee or flavourful yakitori from Kuru Kuru Pa Yakitori. With your delivery carried out by the resort's own personnel, you can relish the flavours of your favourite meals one last time, all from the comfort of your own room.

rw store in las vegas for souvenir purchase before checkout

Last-Minute Shopping

If you've overlooked purchasing souvenirs or gifts, fret not. A quick revisit to RW Store provides an opportunity to make up for the oversight. The store offers a unique selection of resort-branded keepsakes that are anything but conventional. So, even if you’re making a last-minute stop, you’re sure to find something that feels special and thoughtfully chosen.

If you’re looking to add a special touch to your presents, consider complementing your RW Store finds with something extraordinary from one of the resort's other unique retail options. For a dash of sweet luxury, pick up some signature candies from Sugarfina® – a brand loved by celebrities and tastemakers alike. These unique candies serve as the ultimate gift and self-treat that are far from ordinary.

Alternatively, hop over to Nectar Bath Treats, where you can find handmade bath and beauty goodies produced right in Las Vegas. Suitable for the whole family, Nectar's products put the fun back into functional with their delightfully crafted items.

So, go ahead and surprise your loved ones with souvenirs that are anything but run-of-the-mill!

Streamlined Departure with Digital Convenience at Resorts World Las Vegas

Before concluding your luxurious stay at Resorts World Las Vegas, simplify your exit by reviewing all your bills for dining, room service, and other resort amenities via RED, your 24/7 digital concierge. This innovative feature eliminates the stress of information gathering and enables you to manage reservations and accommodation details at the click of a button. If you spot any discrepancies in your bills, resolving them well in advance is easier, ensuring a hassle-free departure. Don't forget to confirm your transport arrangements for a smooth exit. When it's time to check out, type or text the word "check out" to RED for a seamless experience, bypassing the need to wait in line at the front desk. Whether you need to ask questions or have special requests, RED and the front desk staff are always on hand to make your departure from Resorts World Las Vegas as effortless as your stay.

hotel lobby - hilton hotel in resorts world las vegas

Conclusion: Your Week-Long Adventure at Resorts World Las Vegas

Your seven days at Resorts World Las Vegas have been an adventure filled with diverse experiences, making every moment memorable. From savouring global cuisines to enjoying retail therapy at The District and refreshing spa days at Awana Spa, there's been something for everyone. Our high-calibre shows at Resorts World Theatre and vibrant scenes at Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub elevated your entertainment experiences. For those wanting to stay active, the state-of-the-art fitness centre and variety of pools provide the perfect balance. As you prepare to check out, remember that the resort continually evolves, offering new seasonal events and features that promise fresh experiences on your next visit. We hope you've enjoyed this comprehensive guide to maximising your stay; feel free to bookmark it for future reference. Resorts World Las Vegas awaits your next adventure!

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