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A Guide to Planning Your Honeymoon at Resorts World

The sanctity of a honeymoon, that special epoch that heralds the commencement of a shared journey, is truly unparalleled. It's not just about marking the beginning; it's about crafting memories in settings that resonate with profound emotion and tranquillity. In such a tapestry of emotions, the backdrop truly matters. Welcome to the exquisite realms of Resorts World, where every location is a testament to the synergy of comfort and romance.

The Alluring Ambiance of Resorts World Las Vegas

AWANA SPA: An Embrace of Serenity and Wellness

As newlyweds step into Awana Spa, they’re immediately enveloped by an ambience that resonates with tranquillity, reminiscent of a serene cocoon. Drawing upon the principles of the golden ratio, its architecture from its rounded rooms to the softly curved walls is meticulously crafted, not just for aesthetics, but to promote a holistic and transformative experience. Beyond the soothing environment, the spa offers treatments that are a blend of Eastern mysticism and European finesse, ensuring that couples find respite and rejuvenation after their whirlwind of wedding activities.

Awana Spa from resorts world las vegas - suggested by resorts world global

But what truly sets Awana Spa apart is its commitment to innovative experiences. Among its bespoke offerings is the unique Sauna-Meister-led journey. This ritual elevates the traditional sauna experience, with the Sauna-Meister directing waves of hot, aromatic steam towards guests using rhythmic towel movements. It's more than just a detoxifying process; it's an immersive ritual, designed to enhance relaxation and connect couples to a shared, sensorial journey.

From the Serene Embrace of Awana Spa to the European Elegance of BAR ZAZU

bar zazu cuisine option from rw las vegas

Continuing your journey from the tranquil confines of Awana Spa, allow yourselves to be transported to the streets of Europe as you step into Bar Zazu. The very essence of this establishment captures the spirit and flavours of Europe, all set within a lively yet sophisticated environment. The chic bar and lounge, coupled with a dining area that’s both whimsical and refined, offer an ideal setting to relish the culinary artistry of Executive Chef Nicole Brisson. Her globally-inspired cuisine is complemented by an expertly curated selection of brews, wines and specialty cocktails. Here, it's not merely about satiating the palate, but also about creating memories: moments of laughter, stories exchanged, and the shared joy of exquisite dining.

From Culinary Delights to Moonlit Poolside Moments at the Athena Infinity Ultra Pool

Athena Infinity Ultra Pool - from resorts world las vegas - suggested by resorts world global

Having indulged your culinary senses at Bar Zazu, what better way to continue the evening than by embracing the serene ambience of the Athena Infinity Ultra Pool? This adult-only sanctuary offers a fresh perspective on relaxation, allowing couples to revel in each other's company under the vast expanse of the starry Las Vegas sky. As the city's lights dance and reflect upon the water's surface, let the breathtaking view elevate your experience. The night's calmness, combined with the pool's tranquil aura, creates the perfect setting for deep conversations, shared dreams, and cherished moments that honeymoons are made of.

Retreat To The Splendour Of The Strip View One-Bedroom Suite At CROCKFORDS LAS VEGAS

Following your tranquil moments by the Athena Infinity Ultra Pool, retreat to the exquisite comfort of the Strip View One-Bedroom Suite at Crockfords Las Vegas, proudly presented by Resorts World Las Vegas. As the name suggests, this suite offers unparalleled floor-to-ceiling vistas of the sparkling Las Vegas Strip, turning the city's luminance into a personal spectacle for your viewing pleasure.

Strip View One-Bedroom Suite at Crockfords Las Vegas from resorts world las vegas - suggested by resorts world global

But the suite is more than just a visual treat. Inside, indulge in the embrace of fine linens and custom bedding, designed for restful slumbers and dreams painted with love. The spacious living area, complete with a wet bar and lounge seating, provides an intimate setting for couples to relax, reminisce or plan the adventures of the morrow. The spa-inspired bathroom, with its double vanity and walk-in rain shower, beckons for a rejuvenating experience, making each moment a lavish affair. And for those who appreciate modern conveniences, the suite offers wireless chargers and automated controls for drapes and lights, ensuring your honeymoon’s as seamless as it’s memorable.

The tapestry of love is woven with moments, memories and experiences. Resorts World Las Vegas, with its blend of serenity and sophistication, promises to be the backdrop to your most cherished honeymoon tales.

Elevate Your Honeymoon Experience at Resorts World Genting: From Gourmet Romance to Luxurious Wellness

Cherished Moments and Luxurious Romance: Your Honeymoon at Crockfords, Genting Highlands

luxury master room from Crockfords, Resorts world Genting Highlands - suggest by resorts world global

Crockfords Hotel embodies the essence of a perfect honeymoon setting,: where every experience is carefully curated to enhance the bond of newlyweds. Here, amidst the ethereal charm of the highlands, every room offers couples a world of intimacy. The Executive Suite – Tatami, stretching over a generous 1,080 square feet, not only offers a luxurious space but also integrates a Zen tea ceremony space. Imagine mornings where you and your partner engage in a tranquil tea ritual, cherishing the profound connection that the ceremony celebrates, amidst the soft melodies of nature.

Savour Unforgettable Moments with Romantic Dining at Wolfgang's Steakhouse Lounge in Resorts World Genting

Dining at Wolfgang's Steakhouse Lounge in Resorts World Genting - romantic restaurant for honeymoon - suggest by resorts world global

But the romance doesn’t end within the confines of your suite. At Resorts World Genting, gourmet dining takes a romantic twist at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Lounge, SkyAvenue. Drawing inspiration from its New York roots, this world-renowned steakhouse creates an atmosphere perfect for love-filled conversations. Each bite, whether of the famed porterhouse or the delectable rib-eye, promises to be an affair to remember, making your honeymoon dinners as unforgettable as the love stories you'll share.

Elevate Your Honeymoon Bliss at M Spa in Resorts World Genting

Elevate Your Honeymoon Bliss at M Spa in Resorts World Genting - suggest by resorts world global

After savouring these tantalising meals, your journey to deeper intimacy continues at M Spa, nestled within the enchanting realm of Resorts World Genting. This sanctuary in the sky offers therapies meticulously crafted to soothe both body and soul. Immerse yourselves in treatments that echo the honeymooner's yearning for closeness and rejuvenation. As skilled therapists guide you into a tranquil oasis, the experience reaffirms why choosing Resorts World Genting for your honeymoon is a foray into romance and luxury unlike any other.

Let Every Dawn and Dusk at Resorts World Sentosa Narrate a Chapter of Your Love Story

EQUARIUS TREETOP LOFTS: An Enchanted Honeymoon Perched Amidst Nature

The symphony of wedding bells gradually fades, replaced by the soft murmurs of nature, setting the tone for a honeymoon retreat that’s nothing short of magical. At Equarius TreeTop Lofts, lovebirds will find themselves ensconced in an ethereal realm, where romance isn't just in the air - it's in every rustling leaf, every bird's song, and every star that twinkles in the night sky.

EQUARIUS TREETOP LOFTS is the best location for your honeymoon trip in singapore - from resorts world sentosa of resorts world global

Imagine waking up 12 metres above the forest floor, where the first rays of dawn paint dreamy silhouettes through the canopy, casting a golden hue on your plush Serta Goose down duvet. The Angsana and Tembusu lofts become your private sanctuary, designed with love's embrace in mind. The en-suite bedroom, luxuriously spacious and bathed in soft light, invites you closer to your partner, whispering secrets of a future filled with promise.

Savouring Intimate Moments and Spontaneous Adventures in Your Private Paradise

Now, envision an evening where time stands still. The expansive 96-98 square metre balcony is your stage. As you recline on the sun loungers or slip into a bathtub filled with fragrant bubbles, the rainforest plays your love song. Dining by candlelight, with delicacies from the in-resort delivery menu, every bite tastes of bliss, and every moment is a memory etched in time.

1 bedroom villa from resorts world sentosa's tree top lofts - the best villas for your honeymoon trip in singapore - suggest by resorts world global

Beyond the nature-inspired opulence, it's the thoughtful touches at TreeTop Lofts that elevate your honeymoon into an epic tale of romance. With round-the-clock butler service attending to your every desire, love blossoms without interruption. And the on-call buggy service means spontaneous adventures are just a call away.

While many honeymoon destinations limit your options to hotel restaurants or room service, the beauty of Resorts World lies in its personal touches. For couples who share a love for cooking, specific suites and villas at the resort even come with the rare provision to cook. The intimacy of preparing a meal together is an underestimated pleasure, one that adds an extra layer of closeness and cooperation. Picture this: you and your spouse, hand in hand, whipping up a delicious meal as you laugh, share, and create something new—much like your lives ahead.

In the embrace of the Equarius TreeTop Lofts, love isn't a fleeting emotion; it’s an immersive experience. Here, every dawn heralds new beginnings, and every dusk is a testament to the day's shared love. Choose this ethereal treetop haven for your honeymoon, and etch your love story amidst nature's timeless beauty.


Resorts World isn't merely about locations; it's about moments –- moments of love, adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled connection. As you stand on the cusp of this new chapter, let these venues add depth and resonance to your narrative.

Let your love story be celebrated and cherished in the finest of settings. Dive deeper into the allure that Resorts World offers and make that crucial reservation. Here's to memories, moments, and the magic of beginning anew.

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